The Women’s Studies Minor

 SIUE Women’s Studies


Progress to Minor Worksheet

Minors will receive regular program updates and announcements via email.  Please follow the link below and submit the email address you check most regularly:


Total Required Hours: 18, a maximum of six hours of which may be in your major

Required GPA in WMST courses: 2.5


1 Required Course (3 hours)

_____WMST 200  Issues in Feminism

5 Departmental Courses (15 hours)

Select any of the following cross-listed courses from at least three different departments, with a maximum of 6 hours from your major.

_____WMST/HED 300, Women’s Health

_____WMST/PSYC 305, Psychology of Gender

_____WMST/SOC 308, Women, Gender, and Society

_____WMST 310, The Sociological Study of Sexualities and Society

_____WMST/ANTH 313, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

_____WMST/ANTH 315, Family and Household in Cross-Cultural Perspective

_____WMST/SPC 331, Gender and Communication

_____WMST/ENG 341, African-American Women’s Writing

_____WMST/PHIL 344, Women and Values

_____WMST/PHIL 345, Philosophy and Women

_____WMST/PHIL 346, Feminist Theory

_____WMST/MC 351, Women in Mass Communications

_____WMST/IS 353, Representing Women’s Bodies 300-1500

_____WMST/POL 354, Women and Cross-National Politics

_____WMST/SOC 367, Gender and Criminal Justice

_____WMST 390, Special Problems

_____WMST/SOC 391, Marriage and the Family

_____WMST/SOC 394, Sociology of the Black Family

_____WMST/ANTH 402, Language and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

_____WMST/HIST 428, Topics in European Women’s History

_____WMST/HIST 440, Women in American Social History

_____WMST/POLS 441, Women and Politics in America

_____WMST/SOC 444, Gender, Ethnicity and Class in the Workplace

_____WMST/HIST 445, American Masculinity

_____WMST/EPFR 451, Gender and Education

_____WMST/HIST 452, Native American Women

_____WMST/HIST 455, Women and Gender in Islamic Society (pending cross-listing.  See WMST Director for waiver.)

_____WMST/FR 456, Seminar on Women Writers

_____WMST/ART 473, Women in Art

_____WMST/ENG 478, Women, Language, and Literature

_____WMST 490, Special Problems

_____WMST 495, Independent Study

_____WMST 499, Practicum Women’s Studies

For advising questions, please contact Professor Alison Reiheld (

WMST Office ~ Peck Hall 3407 ~ Campus Box 1350 ~siuewmst@gmailcom

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