Spring 2017 Events

We are excited to announce the following events for Spring 2017:flora-white

  • TUESDAY, 1/31, 5:30-6:30 pm, Alumni 0401   

Linda Morice

“Flora White: In the Vanguard of Gender Equity”

  • TUESDAY, 2/21, 5:30-6:30pm, Alumni 0401sex

Nicole Klein (SIUE Public Health), Cathy Santanello (SIUE School of Pharmacy), Alyson Spurgas (SIUE Sociology), and Michael Dudley (SIUE Psychology)

“Sexademics: Panel Q and Yay! Sex, Sexuality, Love and Relationships”

  • WEDNESDAY, 2/22, 3-4:15 pm, Peck 0302

Allison Sweeney, JD, practicing lawyer

“Women’s Reproductive Rights Under Fire”

  • TUESDAY, 2/28, 11am-12:15 pm, CHANGE OF VENUE to Peck 2405
Jae Shepherd, Activist and Youth Educator 
“#MasculinitySoFragile: Creating Healthy Non-Misogynistic Masculinities”

March is Women’s History Month and also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Keep your eyes peeled on campus for related events offered by other SIUE programs!

  • WEDNESDAY, 3/1, 3-14:15 pm, Peck 0302

Gerald O’Brien (SIUE Social Work)

“Margaret Sanger and the American Eugenics Movement”

  • TUESDAY, 3/14, 11am-12:15pm, Founders 1408
Willow Rosen, Certified Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator
“Reproductive Health as Action: Bodies and the People Allowed to Care for Them”


  • WEDNESDAY, 3/15, 3-4:15 pm, Peck 0302

    Destiny Green, SIUE Alum
    “Black Masculinities”

  • THURSDAY, 3/16, 7:30 pm, Meridian Ballroom, Morris University Center (tickets FREE for SIUE students; follow linked title of the talk for more information)

Dr. Mae C. Jemison, ARTS & ISSUES speaker

“Exploring the Frontiers of Science and Human Potential”

  • THURSDAY, 4/6, 3-4 pm, Women’s Studies Office (Peck 3407)


Difficult Conversations are student-led conversations for studentswoman-tree

  • WEDNESDAY 4/19 5-6 pm, Peck 0405

Connie Frey-Spurlock (SIUE Sociology)

“Sustainability is a Feminist Issue”katie-stuart

  • THURSDAY 4/20/17 11am-12:15, Founders 1407 or location TBD

State  Representative Katie Stuart on why she went into politics

  • MONDAY 4/24/17 5:00 pm, Peck hall 1402pollack


    FEATURED SPEAKER: Eileen Pollack, University of MI
    author of The Only Woman In the Room: Why Science Is Still A Boys’ Club


We also run small-scale mentoring opportunities for students to chat over free coffee, tea, and snacks with cool women from the community. For details on this semester’s Cool Women, visit our coffee with cool women (CWCW) page https://siuewmst.wordpress.com/coffe-with-cool-women and below. These events always meet in the Women’s Studies office in PH 3407 and feature coffee, tea, and snacks!

spring 2017 cwcw events   snacks and coffee.jpg

Friday Jan 20, 4-5 pm: Katie Stuart

State Representative Katie Stuart, formerly of SIUE’s own Math department, chose to run for public office for the first time last year.  In November of 2016, she won a seat in the Illinois Legislature.  Come chat about taking on a life of public service, being a woman in politics, and choosing to get involved at a higher level.

Wednesday Feb 22, 4:30-5:30 pm: Allison Sweeney

Allison Sweeney is lawyer with experience in municipal law and reproductive rights advocacy. She is one of only a few women working in municipal law in the St. Louis Metro area. She can speak on her experiences with pervasive sexual harassment, advocacy for abortion access, and the pursuit of the law as a profession.

Tuesday Apr 18, 10:00-11:00 am: Jana Giles

Jana Giles is a post-colonial studies expert and professor of literature at University of Louisiana at Monroe. As a bilingual person of Puerto-Rican and Anglo-American heritage, her interests focus on the political and aesthetic complexities of contemporary life.

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