Making Waves Student Group

Making Waves is the SIUE Feminist organization and an affiliate of Feminist Majority Alliance (FMLA). Due to a gap in student leadership, the organization has lost momentum. During the 2018-19 academic year, there has been student interest in getting it going again. Are you also interested? Reach out to Christy Ferguson, English Department faculty (, who will guide students in breathing life back into Making Waves!

Christy Ferguson

Christy Ferguson, English Department faculty member and Interim Director of WMST for Fall 2018

Since 2003, Making Waves has been involved in numerous campaigns on the SIUE campus to promote basic feminist ideals such as reproductive rights, violence prevention, and human global rights. In past years, Making Waves has been very active in organizing student-run activities. Making Waves is currently in hibernation.  

Are you interested in joining Making Waves?
Do you have ideas for how a student group could productively engage their peers in discussing issues of gender and sexuality?



One response to “Making Waves Student Group

  1. Stacey Bryant

    I am an incoming student definitely interested in joining the group!

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