Featured Artists

In the last few years, Women’s Studies has established a successful collaboration with faculty and student artists who have generously loaned their work to us for use on our event calendars.  We have loved featuring interesting, exciting images, but we’ve done so with some guilt since we often must use only a detail of a piece and then obscure it in some way with the calendar’s text.  To remedy this, we’ll feature the complete, un-manipulated images here, with a bit of information about the artist.  And if you are interested in contributing to this program , please contact Prof. Katie Poole-Jones, kpoole@siue.edu.


Molly McGinely Hall, Art Therapy Graduate Student

Featured on the Spring 2016 event calendar


Artist’s Statement: It expresses things I began to learn during a train trip I spent drawing out of the window.  Soon after that trip, I moved from New York City to Taos, New Mexico to concentrate on my painting, a move that brought me to wide open spaces, both literally and metaphorically.  Although my new scape was very sparce, I learned so much about myself while I was away from all that I had previously known, as reflected in the multiplicity of layers and textures and the shadow cast by something that just flew by.

Sarah Pray, Art Therapy Graduate Student

Featured on the Spring 2015 event calendar



Madeline Brenner, Art Therapy Graduate Student

Featured on the Fall 2014 event calendar


Artist’s Statement: These are digital prints. Each image carries a slightly different story when viewed individually. As an artist, I personally appreciate most when the viewer can look at the image and derive their own story or opinion of what is being said in the image. Each viewer brings their own experiences and background to re-tell the story. The images were created with the idea of celebrating being a woman by connecting her with the vital energy of water. The metaphors of water as a soft yet strong, supple and dangerous, fluid while also impervious relate to the comparisons of female identities. The images to me evoke a strong softness and boldness that mimics this idea. In addition each image carries it’s own story, the triptych is my personal favorite and adds the element of time to the narrative as well as abstraction. The image with mostly red offers and a conversation about a female cycle (my interpretation) and the final image has a very strong connection to art history.

Additional images:

WaterLAUMEIER Brenner_water1-1

Nichole Lance, MFA Student

Featured on the Spring 2014 event calendar


Nicole Benner, MFA Student

Featured on the Fall 2015 event calendar

Artist’s Statement: My interest in costume and performance brought forth the possibility of exploring direct relationships to the human figure through garment construction. Working directly on the body allowed for abstract mark-making into these garments that still acknowledged a visible relationship to the human form. Through these vestments, it was possible to see how the artwork reacted to the body, and how the body reacted to the artwork.

Additional images:




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  1. As an artist….these are INSPIRATIONAL!

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