Martha Welch Women’s Studies Student Award

Each year the Women’s Studies Program selects a recipient for the Martha Welch Student Award. To be eligible, a nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • be an undergraduate student at SIUE
  • maintain a grade point average of B or better
  • have successfully completed at least one course in the field of Women’s Studies (many past recipients have been Women’s Studies minors)
  • demonstrate leadership characteristics in women’s issues at a campus or community level and/or outstanding performance in research or scholarship in the field of Women’s Studies

The award is presented each Spring semester. Send your nominations to Alison Reiheld at

Past Martha Welch award recipients:

  • 2016 Sharon Whittaker
  • 2015 Isabel Gonzales
  • 2014 Destiny Green
  • 2013 Megan Smith
  • 2012 Carly Higdon
  • 2011 Leslie Keil
  • 2010 Christy Koester
  • 2009 Sarah Wion
  • 2008 Cassandra McCallister
  • 2007 Jamie Larson

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