About Women’s Studies at SIUE



Women’s Studies Minors and “Friends of Women’s Studies” (anyone who is taking a WMST course, who is interested in feminist issues, or just wants to receive updates on the program), please sign up for our new list-serv.  We promise not to to overload your inbox, and we’ll send invitations to events, announcements, and other good information to the email address you provide.

Follow this link to get started:


Welcome to the SIUE Women’s Studies Page!

The goal of our program is to invite students to inquire critically into the beliefs, attitudes, and values surrounding gender and sexualities.  Women’s Studies courses focus on the often under-represented contributions of women to literature, art, history, science, and social sciences, but, as importantly, WMST classes also ask students to think about structures of power that inform our political and cultural landscapes and, ultimately, to challenge expectations that impede social justice.

We’d love to have your participate in our program in any number of ways: you can take a Women’s Studies course; attend one of the regular lectures or events we host on campus; join the student group, Making Waves; declare a minor;  or simply look through our website for information about feminist scholarship and activism.  Feel free to stop by the Women’s Studies Office (Peck 3407) for more information, formal mentoring, or just a cup of coffee.  You can also reach the Director of the Women’s Studies program, Professor Alison Reiheld, at areihel@siue.edu.  Also, please be sure to be join our group on Facebook, “SIUE Women’s Studies Program,” to receive information about events and to join the conversation about current issues. We also tweet at https://twitter.com/wmstsiue.


The image used on our website is a detail of Carrie Moyer’s painting “The Stone Age” from the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art housed at the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York.  We’ve got a link to their website on our “Links We Like” Page.

WMST Office ~ Peck Hall 3407 ~ Campus Box 1350 ~ siuewmst@gmailcom

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